So you're about to graduate with a marketing degree but have no idea what to do with it? Or perhaps you're clueless on how to land yourself in a relevant marketing role after university?

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For now, we're going to dive a little bit deeper into marketing with an exclusive interview with Nicholas Sujadi, fellow UNSW alumni and Marketing Automation Specialist at Datarati. In this article, Sujadi will cover everything from his typical 9 - 5 day to top tips for aspiring marketers!

1. What made you interested in marketing?

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in marketing (Hons) and Finance at UNSW. I initially majored in marketing because my brother did, but I started to gain an interest in marketing and decided to take honours during university. I like marketing because it allows me to understand people and customer behaviour and the psychology of human nature in a business sense. I am always curious about how the human mind works in a business context and I think marketing combines the best of both worlds with business and psychology.

2. How did you land in your position?

I attended an event held by the School of Marketing where Datarati and Salesforce were the judges. In that event, my team got selected for the interview at Datarati, and luckily, I got selected into Datarati. I also got the opportunity to be sent to Datarati’s client, Jaguar Land Rover, before returning to Datarati for a promotion to my current position.

3. What does your typical 9-5 day look like?

Every morning we do a daily stand up, where the whole company sits in the meeting room, and everyone tells what they are going to do today. From daily stand up, you start working on the implementation, solution design, or documentation. After that, I usually attend internal catch-ups with my colleagues on the current work. I also attend client meetings as a work-in-progress meeting, where we provide updates and facilitate discussion.

4.Tips for aspiring marketers?

  1. Be prepared: Although your degree may prepare you for your career, treat this as a foundation - in the real world, we talk about click and open rate, not about the four P's and enhancing products. Some useful transferable skills are Excel, analysis, and collaboration with google drive.

  2. Be open-minded: Be open to possibilities of what you are interested in, even though it might be outside of your realm of study. I learnt the technical part (SQL, SPSS) of marketing by autodidact and not in university.

  3. Embrace the future: Be familiarised with the programming language as marketing is going towards a more data-driven and automation side of things. Start by learning common programming languages such as SQL, R and Phyton.

Written by: Jessica Au-Yeung

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