Careers: fields in marketing and how to get started

So, you’ve decided that you like marketing.

You’re probably wondering what options you’ve got once you finish grinding your way through that marketing degree or you might be fresh out of uni and looking for a start...but where? What types of marketing jobs are there? Which ones are geared towards the analytically-minded, and which ones are better suited for the creatives, or are there options that are a mix of both?

Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’re looking at different marketing jobs available for your choosing and what type of skills are desirable for specific roles.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is perhaps the facet of marketing that deals most frequently with data and analytics, and as the Marketing Analytics Society, we’ll be putting our emphasis on this sector. Some of the roles within this area are as follows:

Digital Marketing Analyst

This position is focused on evaluating the success of digital marketing campaigns and ensuring that they meet business objectives and values. For this role, a grounded understanding of areas such as statics, behavioural data, digital analytics, and UX designs is often desired.

Desirable skills: analytical and reporting tools (e.g. Tableau, Google Analytics, Data Studio)

Social Media Manager

As social media is a huge part of marketing nowadays, the demand for social media managers is more prevalent than ever. For this role, an ease with utilising social media platforms is required (i.e. FB, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.), and the ability to generate content that is of consistent quality and to communicate effectively to facilitate and engage online communities is desirable.

Desirable skills: SEO/SEM, Canva, InVideo, communication skills

Email Marketing Manager

An email marketing manager sends out newsletters and promotional information that is valuable to the customer and meets business visions and objectives. They are often tasked to find out what keeps a reader’s attention and what doesn’t, and in doing so, optimise the content sent out in each email.

Desirable skills: MailChimp, HTML

SEO Analyst

A SEO analyst is focused on strategising keywords for Search Engine Optimisation. They help optimise keywords within website content and social media copies in aims of increasing the frequency of their business’s channels appearing in their customer’s search attempts.

Desirable skills: SEO/SEM

User Acquisition Manager

This role is responsible for converting as many visitors to actual users as possible, which is to say, they make visitors want to stay and foster brand loyalty amongst customers.

Desirable skills: AdTech, Omniture, DoubleClick, Krux, Eloqua, SEM


Another area of marketing is research, and relevant roles include: consumer behaviour specialist, marketing research analyst, product developer, and so on.

This specialising relies heavily on psychology. Jobs in marketing research are tasked with figuring out what makes things click in the customer’s purchasing process. In undergoing analyses and observations, they help inform future marketing endeavors such as pricing strategies, campaigns, and activities based on their findings. A product developer focuses on creating empathy maps and understanding a customer’s experience before they set out to design their products.

Desirable skills: empathy maps, psychology, big data, UX/UI design, website building tools (e.g. Wordpress, Wix), app building tools, HTML/CSS, design tools (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite)

PR and Community

Specific roles in PR and Community include: Public Relations Coordinator, Communications Manager, Community Manager, Brand Ambassador, and the like.

PR and Community specialises in communications between the business and its customers, facilitating interaction, trust, and generally good relationships between the company and their consumer base. These roles involve liaising with creative departments to deliver content. Activity on social media platforms as contact points between the business and the consumers is also required. Their main mission is to maintain an image and foster relationships that are true to business values and objectives.

Desirable skills: communications skills, familiarity with social media, diverse perspective, MS applications


The creative side of marketing is focused on producing valuable content that attracts attention and grows brand awareness. Specific roles in Creatives include: Film and Video Editor, Content Writer/Blogger, Graphic Designer, and the like.

Film and video editors help create videos that attract attention and grow awareness that is beneficial to the brand and business. Content writers/bloggers produce articles that are relevant to the customers, in doing so, they help strengthen a business’s identity by creating a certain persona through voice, reliability, and values (e.g. the topics they decide to focus on and give attention to).

Graphic designers create art and infographics that sculpt a business’s identity and provide information to customers that is enticing and valuable. It also helps brand recognition by creating repetitive themes and visuals that help strengthen a brand’s image in customers’ minds.

Desirable skills: familiarity with social media platforms, design tools (Canva, InDesign, Adobe Creative Suite), communication skills, SEO/SEM, video editing tools (e.g. Premiere Pro, After Effects)

We hope you’re all set and on track to your dream job! If you’re still a little lost, MASoc provides events and activities to help you grow your marketing analytic skills! Follow our social media handles and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our latest opportunities for up-skilling and meeting awesome human beans!

Written by: Wen Yu Yang

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